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Hey, if you want all the detailed info on each league (dates, price, etc) – just click on the URL (found near the bottom of this page) and click on the league . . . you won’t be able to add them to your cart for purchase until you login in, but a GREAT SOURCE OF INFORMATION.

Registration for 2020-21 Season

Yaaay . . . welcome to our new online Registration!  Curling IO (CIO) allows us to accept curler registrations, manage and communicate with you, and leverage full reporting capabilities.  Hosted on Curling Canada Technology Infrastructure, there were no setup fees or monthly fees.  Many clubs in BC and across Canada use this system which must be customized by each club.

Don’t delay . . . please register as soon as possible so that we know how many people/teams are returning.  Unlike previous years, scheduling will require even more thought (staggered starts) and planning.  Help us to help you.

By the way – on your profile, enter the FIRST NAME that we know you by (legal first name not required).  This appears on rosters (if you give permission).

Read below to find out about Voting Memberships, Registration, 5/6 Member Teams, Sparing.

Voting Memberships

Voting members who curled last year were contacted via email AND should have completed a special pre-registration in June/July.  This early process was instituted so the system automatically applies your membership discount during fall Registration.  The window to pre-register your paid membership has closed (as mentioned in your summer email) . . . contact Darryl Horne (darrylhorne@shaw.ca or cell 250-253-3294 if you missed doing this.  If you did register your membership, it is now in the system and should not require further action from you (ever).  Note:

  • VOTING MEMBER:  Any person who has purchased a voting membership and is in good standing at Salmon Arm Curling Centre.  Cost is $200.00 (or two consecutive yearly payments of $100 each) and can be found for purchase under “Products” within Curling IO.
  • NON VOTING MEMBER:  Any person who curls regularly and is in good standing at Salmon Arm Curling Centre but has not previously purchased a Voting Membership.

The Benefits of a Voting Membership

  • Vote at AGM meetings to provide direction to SACC policy and operations.
  • Discounted league fees for most Adult Evening and Daytime Leagues (not applicable to Adult Learn to Curl,  Friday Social League or Junior Programs).
  • Voting members receive a $30 League fee discount for a full year league and $15 for a half year league on their first two leagues.


Please read these helpful hints before clicking on the URL below!

  • After clicking on the URL, locate the Login button.  If your email is other than a “gmail” account, enter your email address then open the email sent to your Inbox and click on the link.  (There’s a reference to entering your ‘token’ but it’s easiest to just click on the link in the email.)
  • If you haven’t already created your curler profile in Curling IO, click on Account in the menu, select Profile and create a new profile.
  • If you have already entered your profile, check it for accuracy (at least once a year).
  • If creating a new profile, you’ll be presented with a liability waiver – read and enter “I agree” at the bottom.
  • Commence adding Leagues to your ‘cart’.  Warning, there are 43 available listings . . . these are listed in order by day and time of league.
  • Because one email address may have several profiles listed (spouse, children) the system requires that you assign a curler to each League that you place into your cart.  Click on “Information required”, then select the applicable curler (even if just you are listed).
  • This year, SACC will not be offering lockers for rent . . . normally this is found as an offering against leagues OR under the Products section.
  • Note:
    • Half year leagues are priced at 55% of full year leagues.
    • Multi-league discounts still apply at 50% off your lowest priced league(s) when playing in 3 or more leagues at the same time.
    • Voting member discounts are as above.
  • Put everything you wish to purchase on ONE order – even for different profiles on your email account.  Just click on “Continue Shopping”.  3+ League discounts will calculate properly and you only have one order to pay.
  • After you have checked over the list of ALL the Leagues you wish to purchase, please click on “Cash/Cheque” (regardless of desired payment type) then choose “Submit”.
  • When you submit your order, the system will send you an email with your order # and amount due.  Payment methods are as below.  If coming into SACC to drop off your payment or pay by card, please bring a printed copy with you to speed up payment processing.  In addition, bartenders cannot accept your payment without a printed copy.
  • When your payment is entered into CIO, a receipt is automatically emailed to you.

You may pay by:

  • E-transfer – from your online banking account, email to accounting@salmonarmcurling.com.  There is no need to come into the office; no additional service charge is incurred by SACC; SACC is set up for auto-deposit so no pesky security questions; please write your Order # in the ‘Notes’ section if available; regardless, our GM is automatically advised of your payment so he can apply it to your order.
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Debit/Interac – a minimal service charge is applied to SACC.
  • Credit Card – service charges apply to SACC.

Are you ready?  Click on the URL below . . . and then don’t forget to Login!



Provided are FAQ’s (click here)  (Frequently Asked Questions) that may be of help.

If you find you still need assistance, . . . contact Darryl Horne (registration@salmonarmcurling.com) cell 250-253-3294 or Kate Horne (katehorne@shaw.ca) cell 250-253-3295

Five/Six Member Teams

A maximum of 6 registered players per team is allowed. All players on the team must register and pay the regular league fees, then the skip (or another team member):

  • completes the appropriate Rebate Form (click here)
  • arranges to collect a copy of each player’s payment email to attach to the form
  • delivers completed form and attachments to the office
  • ultimately, teams will only be required to pay the equivalent of 4 league fees

The office will process and provide payment of rebate to the team after Nov. 1st and the team determines how to divvy up the money.


Interested in sparing?  Spares (click here)