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Please register online!  Click on button above.

Spares for all leagues are posted at the Curling Centre.  Additionally , some leagues post near their draw board in the Curling Centre.

Spare fees for players not registered in a league are $10.00 per game*.  (*NA to Juniors)

Please pay at the office or deposit in the box near Equipment Room.

Contact us if you have any questions.

NamePhone #Details
Kael Kristjanson250-253-7737Mon - Men
Th - Men
James Metcalfe (Junior)250-463-1147 (text)Mon - Men (L.2nd)
Wed - Open (L.2nd.3rd)
Th - Men (L.2nd)
Fri - Social (L.2nd.3rd.Skip)
George Gibson250-833-7833Mon - Stick
Tue - 50+ (L.2nd.3rd.Skip)
Wed - Sr Men (L.2nd.3rd.Skip)
Fri - Sr Men (L.2nd.3rd.Skip)
Tim Gallant250-832-4674Mon - Men (L.2nd.3rd.Skip)
Wed - Sr Men (L.2nd.3rd.Skip)
Thu - Men (L.2nd.3rd.Skip)
Marnie Kovacs250-515-3460Mon - Men
Tue - Ladies
Wed - Open
Thu - Men
Kurt Mushumanski250-515-0313Thu - Men
Marilyn Bentley250-675-4134Tue - 50+
Roger Hebert250-675-5496Tue - 50+
Wes Wright778-489-3228Tue - 50+
Emily Carlson250-253-9722Tue - Ladies (L.2nd.3rd)
Wed - Open (L.2nd.3rd)
Bill Kinshella250-833-4564Wed - Sr Men (Novice)
Dan Letourneau780-405-5316Wed - Sr Men (avail. until January)
Fri - Sr Men (avail. until January)
Andrew Eberdingandrew.eberding@gmail.comWed - Open
Shelley LaRocque250-253-1265Wed - Open
Thirza Out250-833-5366Wed - Open (L.2nd)
Thu - Ladies (L.2nd)
Jeff Shuert250-804-3991Thu - Men (L.2nd.3rd.Skip)
Doug Buchanan778-257-7800Fri - Sr Men (L.2nd.3rd)
Marina Irwin403-563-7568Fri - Social (L.2nd.3rd.Skip)
Dave Hamp250-540-2054Mon - Men
Thu - Men

Available until Mar 27, 2020