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Friday Social

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Fridays @ 6:30pm


This league is fun, fun, fun.  Many players are new to the game but the more experienced players are joining in on the excitement.  The team format is OPEN (any combination of men and women on the ice).  The league encourages teams to enter with up to 6 players . . . 4 are on the ice at any one time, however players may sub in and out at the completion of each end.

Friday Social League is just that:  a social league where all ages and skill levels are welcome.  A great place to start or just a great place to have fun.

Sign up with a team or as an individual.  We’ll try to find a team for you.

First game day is October 13th . . . repeat . . . Friday the 13th.  Anyone superstitious?  Bring your black cat and have a great time any way!