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Tuesday 50+ Open

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Tuesdays @ 10:00am / 10:30 / 1:00pm


Note everyone that effective Nov 24, the ‘afternoon’ draw now commences at 1:00pm.

This is to ensure that we don’t accidentally create an overcrowding situation in the lobby with teams coming off/going on.  Please do not arrive too early . . . try to keep to 15 minutes prior to game time only!

This league format is Open whereby any combination of men and women may play on a team.

Friendly and enjoyable.  You many enter with a team or if you need to find a team, we try to accommodate all.

We do record wins and losses only to help with scheduling later in the season, when we try to put teams of similar levels together. There are no play-offs and no prizes; only the fun of getting some exercise, meeting new and old friends, and some casual competition.

Sign up with a team or as an individual.  We’ll try to find a team for you.

Uncertain about the new rules?  Take a look at this video (Keep Calm and Carry On Through Covid) from our friends in Alberta.  Click here!