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We have GREAT ICE and we’re very proud of our Ice Techs!

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We love our Salmon Arm Curling Club ice – fast and keen and CLEAN.

A big Thank you to Myles Chapin, Lonnie Karpick and Doug Murray.

We all ride on the backs of our Ice Techs – it even allows us to think of trying those shots we see on TV – on purpose!

BUT . . . we all have a big role to play.

IF I find any black bits and globs on my sheet, the first place I look is at MY shoes.  I check the inside of my grippers . . . then scrub them over the garbage can . . . while hairs and fibers can be washed/rubbed off each day, grippers break down from the friction of everyday playing.  (I’ve replaced mine twice already this year.)

So if you’ve not even peeked at the soles of your shoes or hazarded an inspection of your gripper . . . or thought about purchasing a new one . . . it’s  well past TIME to do so.

It’s also very much a matter of SAFETY, worn grippers are dangerous.