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The Iceman . . . Cometh! (2022)

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Around September 15, 2022 ice installation will begin!

We are pleased to announce that Myles Chapin will again head up our ice crew with assistants Doug Murray and Lonnie Karpick.

Below, find last year’s story and pictures . . . more pictures to come in September.

Led by Head Ice Tech, Myles Chapin (one of our very own curlers) . . . a team of dedicated volunteers are busy putting in the ice and learning new things every day.

Our special volunteers last year included Doug Murray, Brian Puetz, Lonnie Karpick, Scott Furevick (electrical-look at those shining lights!) and an interested (but nervous) 4 legged spectator . . . hmmmm, he has 4 feet so don’t know why he’s nervous.  Note the starry balloons – they’re adjusting the air flow by using these dancing helium balloons.

Team members Brian Puetz and Lonnie Karpick are shown applying a flood to level the floor and tomorrow (Sept 19), maybe all will be singing  “I’m Dreaming of a White ___”  (or something like that) as they apply the special white paint that provides the crisp background for our houses and decals!

Make sure you give these guys a virtual high five and thank them for doing such a great job as our ‘Icemen’ this season.