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Spares for all leagues will be listed here once spares have registered.  Something new this year – the table will also list those curlers looking for a team!

Spare fees for players not registered in a league are $10.00 per game*.  (*NA to Juniors)

Please pay at the office or deposit in the box near Equipment Room.

Let us know if you want to spare and we will add you to the list. Just phone or email us!

NamePhone #League
Steve Anderson780-792-7548Mens- Mon/Thursday
Wes Wright778-489-3228Fifty Plus
Sandran Blishen250-832-4438Fifty Plus
Bill Kiesman250-833-6815Fifty Plus
Shawna Cebuliak250-517-9879Fifty Plus
Murray Deacon250-833-0971Fifty Plus
Barb Hooker250-832-6720Fifty Plus
Bill Kiesman250-833-6815Fifty Plus
Sandra Blishen250-832-4458Tuesday Night Ladies
Shawna Cebuliak250-517-9879Tuesday Night Ladies
Jenn Pletsch250-803-6756Tuesday Night Ladies
Bonnie Flatla250-833-5859Thursday Day Ladies
Jean Loeppky250-803-2182Thursday Day Ladies
Sandra Blishen250-832-4438Thursday Day Ladies
Shawna Cebuliak250-517-9879Thursday Day Ladies
Brenda Palemont250-803-5273Thursday Day Ladies
Dee Whitmore250-803-6727Thursday Day Ladies
Bob Kerr250-675-2152Senior Mens Wednesday
George Annala250-804-0740Seniors Mens
Lois Angle250-832-7409Fifty Plus
Helen Byron250-832-3372Fifty Plus
Roger Ebert250-675-363250+, Senior Mens Wed/Fri

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