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The Icemen Cometh!! September 18, 2020 update

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Our Volunteers are busy putting in our ice!

Led by Head Ice Tech, Myles Chapin (one of our very own curlers) . . . a team of dedicated volunteers are busy putting in the ice and learning new things every day.

Our special volunteers include Doug Murray, Brian Puetz, Lonnie Karpick, Scott Furevick (electrical-look at those shining lights!) and an interested (but nervous) 4 legged spectator . . . hmmmm, he has 4 feet so don’t know why he’s nervous.  Note the starry balloons – they’re adjusting the air flow by using these dancing helium balloons.

Team members Brian Puetz and Lonnie Karpick are shown applying a flood to level the floor and tomorrow (Sept 19), maybe all will be singing  “I’m Dreaming of a White ___”  (or something like that) as they apply the special white paint that provides the crisp background for our houses and decals!

Make sure you give these guys a virtual high five and thank them for volunteering to be our ‘Icemen’ this season.