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Mixed Doubles – cancelled for 2021-22 season

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Saturdays @ 12:00 PM


We are sad to have to cancel this league.  We had high expectations for it since a lot of folks gave it a try last fall.  Registration was lower than expected this year but we hope to work with you to help get it up & running again next fall.  It is a different game and a fun game.

Game time:  Noon (TBA)

Starts Saturday, Oct 9 and runs until Dec 18th, 2021.

** Exceptions – November 13 (Senior Men’s Bonspiel) & November 20 (BC Tour Cash Bonspiel)

We’ve seen Mixed Doubles on TV

Doubles Curling is growing very quickly on the World Stage.  It’s popularity is due in part to the fact that a team is much easier to put together . . . only TWO people.

You and your spouse or your kid or your friend or one of your 4 person team teammates.  How easy is that?

The game is faster paced with only 5 stones thrown per team (plus 2 placed) but is no less strategic than the 4 person game.

The Game:

  • Player 1 – throws stones 1 and 5
  • Player 2 – throws stones 2, 3, 4
  • You can change your throwing order at the completion of any end
  • One “Power Play” allowed per team in the game – when you have the hammer
  • Choose to have the non-throwing player hold the broom or sweep from the throwing end (no one will knows if you missed the broom . . . HA!)
  • No takeouts allowed until the 4th thrown stone
  • You lose the hammer if you blank the end!
  • Pictures of the layout of positioned stones are displayed here  (including the Power Play)

See Rules below – taken from Curling Canada website, November, 2020.