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Mixed Doubles

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Saturdays @ 12:00 PM


$200 Entry per 2 person team!

Game time:  Noon

Starts Saturday, Oct 24 and runs until Dec 19th, 2020.

** Exception – November 7 (SACC is organizing a ‘test’ bonspiel that weekend).

We’ve seen Mixed Doubles on TV

Doubles Curling is growing very quickly on the World Stage.  It’s popularity is due in part to the fact that a team is much easier to put together . . . only TWO people.

You and your spouse or your kid or your friend or one of your 4 person team teammates.  How easy is that?

The game is faster paced with only 5 stones thrown per team (plus 2 placed) but is no less strategic than the 4 person game.

The Game:

  • Player 1 – throws stones 1 and 5
  • Player 2 – throws stones 2, 3, 4
  • You can change your throwing order at the completion of any end
  • One “Power Play” allowed per team in the game – when you have the hammer
  • Choose to have the non-throwing player hold the broom or sweep from the throwing end (no one will knows if you missed the broom . . . HA!)
  • No takeouts allowed until the 4th thrown stone
  • You lose the hammer if you blank the end!
  • Pictures of the layout of positioned stones are displayed here  (including the Power Play)

See Rules below – taken from Curling Canada website, November, 2020.