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SACC Closes for the Season!

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December 10, 2020

Announcement by President, Donna Shultz:

Further . . . “It was felt by the Board that in order to ensure the safety of all our curlers and maintain the Club’s future viability, this was the prudent decision to make.

I am extremely proud of the efforts made by all our curlers to keep themselves and other curlers safe during these extraordinary pandemic times. It is extremely disappointing that last week the Provincial Health Officer paused all adult sports, including curling. We were doing so good and having fun, despite the game not being quite what we were used to.

The first half of this season saw approximately 72% of our curlers return from the previous year. Even though this resulted in reduced revenue, Club Members came forward to volunteer in many areas including icemaking, bar staff, maintenance, and administration to reduce our costs.

Going forward into the second half of the curling season the Board anticipates that, due to COVID-19 case numbers currently increasing in the Interior Health region as well as several confirmed cases now within our community, a number of current curlers will step away until this virus is controlled. The Board is also uncertain if Dr. Bonnie Henry will allow adult team sports to open in mid-January or whether this “pause” will continue until late January or even beyond. The age demographic of our curlers puts them at significant risk of contracting COVID and the safety of our curlers is paramount.

This decision was also made for financial reasons. During the first half, a couple of leagues were running with minimum numbers.  The anticipated second half curler reductions will mean that one or more of these leagues will be cancelled – – possibly causing an even further reduction in curler numbers. It currently costs between $15,000 to $20,000 per month to operate the Club during the season and reduced curlers results in reduced operational monies. The Board feels that it is not financially responsible to continue to operate if a resulting significant loss is anticipated.

The Board will be meeting again next week to discuss a refund policy for those curlers who paid for the entire season. More information about this will follow.

While shutting our doors for the balance of the curling season is not what we wanted to do, it is the responsible thing to do and we look forward to re-opening again in the Fall with increased vigor and vitality.

Until then, stay healthy and be safe.”

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Donna Shultz, Doug Murray, Barb Puetz, or any other member of the Board.

Contact Information:

Donna Shultz, President                (250) 804-6762                           dshultzhr@gmail.com

Doug Murray, Treasurer                (250) 832-3853                           douglasmurray13@gmail.com

Barb Puetz, Secretary                    (250) 832-5086                           b_puetz@telus.net