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League Reps.

Yet another way to deliver a rock . . . using a delivery stick!  Many curlers have adopted the use of ‘the stick’ for all their league play and are very competitive outside of the Stick League.

The Stick League follows the Canadian Stick Curling rules for the game.  The game is less physically demanding as there is no sweeping until the rock reaches the hog line at the destination end.  Each team is comprised of two curlers (you must always have a partner) that take turns skipping or delivering the rock with the delivery stick. Your only needs are curling shoes with protective rubber grippers and a delivery stick.

There are six rocks delivered by each team – each end and for 6 ends.  Thus the game proceeds quickly and usually takes about ¾ of an hour to complete.

Salmon Arm Curling Centre Stick League schedules two games each Thursday and the league begins in early October until December (1st half).  After the Christmas break the 2nd half runs from January to March. The annual Stick Bonspiel will be held Sunday, January 14, 2017.

Sign up with a team or as an individual.  We’ll try to find a team for you.





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